A little about me…

Wasn’t I super cute and adorable?

So, who am I exactly, and perhaps more to the point, what am I?

I firmly believe I’m human, or possibly cat, but I have been shouted down on both of those, and apparently I’m a 4 year old DDB girl who moved with her family from a slightly cold, dark and rainy UK to the somewhat sunnier climes of South East Asia.

Dad got a job out here, and Mum decided she was going with him, so my 2 feline brothers and I were unceremoniously boxed up and shipped out to Asia.  Quite a surprise, and a bit of a change, I can tell you!

I came to live with mum and dad when I was a small baby. I was only 6 weeks old, and frankly, it was all somewhat scary! Mum and Dad had first met me when I was 3 weeks old, and I decided then that I was to go home with them.

Cat Sized
Yep, I’m going to be beautiful!
Soooooooo tired….

The next 3 weeks felt like ages as I was so excited that the lady who cuddled me was going to be my new mummy.  I arrived at my new home the week before Christmas, and was greeted by 3 huge cats. Fortunately for them I was very small, so they whilst they were training me before I got too big and bold, I had plenty of great places to hide from them. They taught me well, now some of my best friends in the world are cats. Sadly the British Blue cat, Amber, died when I was just 6 months old, and the black cat, Mowgli, died when I was almost 2. I miss them, even if Amber did beat me up! The ginger tiger, Tinker is still with me, he’s out here in Asia too, and he loves the warmer weather, I think it helps his bones.

In my old life in the UK, I lived in a cute terraced house. We had a nice open plan living space which Mum and Dad had very kindly just made bigger and nicer for me to live in, and a big garden which I could spend all day tottering around in if I so choose (not that I very often did – much more fun staying with Mum and Dad!) My cat brothers were always out there exploring, eating grass, climbing trees and basking in the sunshine, mind you, so they probably made more of it than I did…

In my cute terraced house, apparently there was a place called ‘upstairs’, although I only ever saw that place when I was having mud or sand (or something more stinky – not my fault, honest!!) washed off me, or if Dad was away. The cats were often up there though. I never really did find out what they were doing…

We also had a car. I loved our car. It meant (usually) that I was being taken somewhere, somewhere exciting. I used to go to the park most days, if it wasn’t raining. We went to the beach maybe once every month or so, but not in the summer cos they didn’t allow dogs, and to be honest, when we did go, it was rather too cold to swim. I used to run plenty and chase my ball, and boy did I love paddling. I even got quite good at wading!


At weekends, we used to go to a park called High Elms, which had lots of woodland and trees and quite often mud, which was brilliant fun and obviously designed just for me and my rolling needs… After High Elms, mum and dad would go to the farm shop and leave me in the car. Clever dog that I am, I soon learned this wasn’t a problem as dad would always buy a big round thing called a scotch egg which he loved to share with me. He didn’t have a choice, but he was always very gracious about it. So, that was the car…

In my old life, I had a huge den under the stairs of the house. It was just for me, and filled with cushions, duvets and old towels. It was my favourite place in the world. I could see exactly who was doing what in the house, and they always stopped to scratch me as they walked past me in the hall. I don’t have that any more. Not that I’m particularly sad about it. I mean sure, a dog likes her own place to lie, but I now get to sleep in mum and dad’s bedroom, under their bed! It means if I snore, sometimes mum just blames dad, same as if I had too much rich food!! I like it under there, it’s a den again, although I do sometimes have to share it with a cat or 3.

Sleepy Toff (6)Sleepy Toff (7)Toffee in her bed

My cat brothers had things called hammocks that hooked over radiators so that they could keep warm and toasty if it was a bit cold outside. We don’t have radiators over here, so that solved that problem pretty quickly. They do have lots of other nice places to sleep though, sofas, beds, rugs, washing lines, boxes and a huge great big thing that is apparently a scratching post (I tried scratching on it, but got told off as I pushed it over, oops!).


There’s lots more to say on all of this, but I’m a bit tired from all this writing (not that easy for a pooch!), so I’ll save it for another day.

As you can see, I’m pretty well looked after, much loved, and never bored. I have kitty cats to play with, when they’re not beating me up, places to sleep, plenty to eat, and not a bad lifestyle, I guess… More of that to come, however.

I hoped you liked reading the introduction to my life. Stay tuned for further instalments. I do have a lot to say, so be warned!

OK, see you all laters!

the Bat Dog

Paw Print